Thursday, August 13, 2009

. Thursday, August 13, 2009

The mobile phones are prerequisite in todays ultra next generation. The market is full of plenty of smartphones. This actually giving the users a wide range of choice. The Nokia this time entered into the mobile arena with superb handset which can create anxiety among the mobile users. This good looking gizmo comes with high quality camera, accelerometer, scratch- resistance surface, A-GPS support and many more. The Nokia N86 8MP is a stylish slide opening system mechanism. Its a 149 gm handset which measures 103.4mm long, 51.4mm wide and 16.5mm deep in dimensions. This smartphone comes with 2.6 inch amoled coloured screen which displays almost sixteen million colours with high resolution.

This handset has integrated 8 megapixel camera with twenty times digital zoom and carl ziess lens. Moreover, this camera phone comes with auto focus, dual LED flash, geotagging, image stabiliser etc. It supports different types of modes like flash, scene, capture and video. With its interesting TV-out feature, an individual can see the recorded video clippings on the television screen. This smartphone comes with conference call feature which allows an individual to interact with beloved ones in a single call. One cannot include more than six contacts in per call.

This Nokia mobile phone comes with document viewer feature. The best part of this handset is that an individual can read the files on the tiny coloured screen. With this feature one can read all the files which support MS Excel, MS Word, PDF and PowerPoint formats. Apart from all, this gadget comes with amazing multimedia messaging features. The mobile user can share pictures or animated videos via MMS. An individual can send, create and receive simple text message through SMS. Moreover, this handset is equipped with stereo FM radio which supports transmitter and RDS. So user can anytime tune into his favourite radio station.

This mobile phone has good storage capacity which means a user can store as many data as possible. It includes internal memory of 8GB which can be further expandable upto 16GB by inserting memory card (transflash). Apart from all, this gorgeous handset comes with third generation technologies. The HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS transfer the data at much fast speed. By connecting Bluetooth and micro USB, lots of data can be transferred from the Nokia N86 8MP to printer, laptop, desktop computer or other compatible mobile phones. In this slider handset an individual can surf Wi-Fi internet which is based on quad band. Every person wish to carry such handsets which are stuffed with awesome features. This phone actually meets the demands of the hi-tech mobile users. The Nokia N86 8MP is fitted with standard rechargeable battery with great battery backup.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

THE SCIENCE OF 2012 : The Science of Light

. Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over a dozen major prophetic traditions of Earth warn of an end of an Age in December 2012. And yet few people of Earth heed this warning. But there is science in these prophecies -- the science of light.

The Planet Earth rotates around in a 25,800 year cycle. Between 1980 and 2016 that cycle and astrological progression brings us through a very thin area of space that intersects with the plane of our own galaxy our galactic equator. When our solar system intersects this thin plane of light energy from the center of the Milky Way it heats up slightly and changes energizes the Sun and all of the planets as well. This is the time of great changes and renewal and cleansing of the Earth -- a kind of fever to burn off the disease of a planet.

Milky Way galaxy is like a giant pancake light bulb that sends out light energy in 360 degree like a regular light bulb. But our galaxy is a thin pancake flat bulb so every star in it is aligned in a flat plane or spiral as it spins around itself. This thin plane called the galactic equator of our Milky Way galaxy is now intersecting with the path of our solar system and the Earth. At this time the photons of the millions of stars of the Milky Way galaxy are aligned similar to a laser beam and focused on our solar system and the Sun. And tremendous light energy from the galactic center will re-energizes the sun and planets ever so slightly.

The greatest threat to Earth comes when the planets also align in December 2012. Then the light energy and the shading effect of the planets and the Sun will cause the sun to send out great solar flares towards the Earth which can do great harm to the technology of mankind upon which we depend.

Massive solar flares may knock out most all electrical and communications for many years to come and the Earth will be knocked back into a 1900 century existence. All of these advanced devices may take many years to duplicate and repair. The Earth will continue to heat up slightly over many years until 2018. There will be ever increasing droughts, crops will fail, and billions of people may die from starvation and civil strive if they are not prepared or do not receive help to survive. It takes many years to heat the Earth just like an oven with a large mass takes longer to heat. But the later years are the hottest before the heated of Earth will recede in temperature.

How bad it will be no one can say. But there are always many things people can do to prepare and live more in harmony with nature right now. This may be a time of great wars as nations fight over water, food, shelter, and natural resources. But there is much we know about living in drought conditions and water conservation which can greatly help if this knowledge is shared widely now and applied to the times to come.

The western nations will be hardest hit by the 19th century living standards of no electricity and modern communications. (Hopefully the fiber optic internet will eventually be restored and survive.) Many countries of the world currently have 1900 century living standards so they will be much less harmed by a sudden loss of modern electricity and communications for many years to come. But many of these same people will starve because they are dependent on American grains for food.

Most of the pollution of the world will be gone almost overnight. But we must prepare vigorously to shut down nuclear reactors which require continuous electricity to prevent a meltdown of their nuclear cores. This will be our greatest challenge in 2012 -- to keep from doing greater environmental harm when these nuclear reactors can no longer function without electricity and keep their reactors cool. We must keep these nuclear reactors from exploding and contaminating the world for many generations to come.

We may all become organic farmers at this time if we want to eat and survive. We will all vigorously conserve water for drinking and growing crops. We will have to severely limit travel and the use of gasoline, natural gas, and oil for fuel. And life will be much changed for the better from an environmental standpoint. Great change will be rapidly forced upon humanity to conserve, protect, and live in harmony with nature. And many animals and plants in nature will have to be saved from extinction by mankind if they are to survive.

There is a Tibetan prophecy attributed to the King of Agartha the Inner Earth kingdom of about 800,000 million people. He states that world wars will begin again in 2011 and last for 18 years. At the end of this time of war the world will be much changed. And at that time the King of Agartha will come out of the Inner Earth to conquer and to help all those that remain.

We all seem to be living in interesting times. But with so many bored and spiritually lost people in the world maybe that is a good thing